Updating drupal modules

Posted by / 18-Jul-2016 14:44

Because we're HUGE Drupal fans, at Flite Haus, I thought I'd touch on a bit of Drupal cleanup.

Modules that do not need updates are shown in green and read "Up to Date" out to the right in the status column.Modules that have available updates but are not critical are highlighted in yellow and modules that require immediate attention are shown in red.For each module that has updates available, a list of available updates is given along with a link to download the version you need.If you don't have cron setup to run automically or you want to check for updates manually - there is a link near the top of the "Available Updates" page to "(Check Manually") - just click this link and the site will check for module updates and give you a nice report of which modules need attention.Once you've checked for updates you just need to identify exactly which modules to update.

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Every now and then Drupal comes out with new versions, and our installation needs to be updated.

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