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Updating intellisense disable

Please visit this page and take a look at more than 60 sample programs: take a look at BCGPMSOffice2007Demo example to see this feature in action.You need to select "Insert" tab and click "Picture", "Chart" or "Table" buttons in order to activate the contextual tabs. Resources for the above styles are placed in new DLLs: BCGPStyle2007Luna.dll, BCGPStyle2007and BCGPStyle2007The new 3D charts support software and hardware (Open GL-based) rendering.You can see the new chart types in action in the updated CBCGPChart Example.Please send us your comments, wishes and suggestions regarding the new Ribbon Designer - your feedback will be highly appreciated!For your convenience, we've added the new "Samples" page where you can find information about each sample application, see screenshots and download individual samples. The main advantages of this feature are: To display/hide the data table in your chart simply call a new method ' CBCGPChart Visual Object:: Show Data Table'.

New class CBCGPPage Transition Manager allows to implement page transition effect in your own classes: simply derive your class from CBCGPPage Transition Manager, specify the required effect using Set Page Transition Effect method and call Start Page Transition method.

In case of static link you have to add the required file to your project.

CBCGPWorkspace class has the new method: Init Tooltip Manager.

Just activate CBCGPVisual Manager2010 to use these new themes in your application: CBCGPVisual Manager:: Set Default Manager (RUNTIME_CLASS (CBCGPVisual Manager2010)); Please run BCGPMSOffice2007Demo, Draw Cli or BCGPOrganizer to see this feature in action.

By default, the Ribbon Application button will be displayed with the default (blue) color, but developers can customize its appearance by calling visual manager's new method 'Set Main Button Color' (see screenshot).

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Please run the new Metro UITiles Demo sample to see the new control in action.