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Updating java runtime

When the "Java Runtime Environment Settings" dialog box appears, select the "Java" tab. You can just uncheck the "Enabled" check box to disable that installation from being used by Java Plug-in and Java Web Start.

The software giant points to two type-confusion vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-0507 and CVE-2012-1723) that have been very actively exploited in recent months.If you still need help, please don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected] version 10.7 and higher, in addition to using the above Apple maintained Java package (Java 6), you may also install Java 7 by downloading the installer directly from Oracle's website.After seeing Microsoft's warning, I chose to kill Java with fire. Mind you, I'll probably be doing some programming in a few months, but I'll just reinstall Java then."So, by following some simple steps, you can protect your machine from this malware infection by choosing to update, disable or uninstall," a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement.

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To check the version of JRE your browser is running, head over to java.com/en/download/and get the latest version. Google's browser informed me that "Java(TM) is required to display some elements on this page." Excellent, so I don't have Java installed in Chrome, which I use the most frequently.

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