Updating the software in you phone

Posted by / 26-Sep-2016 21:54

Microsoft also offered its Windows 10 software for free to nearly everyone who bought a PC in the past decade, a break with its tradition of charging hundreds of dollars for upgrades. The new software, called "Windows 10 Anniversary Update," it just a part of the overall puzzle.

Dell has opted to market its computers in two ways: ads showcasing how good they look, and others about what people do with them (like making the "Ghostbusters" reboot).

After all, why spend time marketing Windows features every other computer maker offers?

"HP has Cortana too," said Allison Dew, head of marketing for Dell's PCs.

The GUI of the program has a professional, yet simple look that allows you to clearly identify all the features at first look.

A new update to Microsoft's Windows 10 is coming, but you're forgiven if you didn't know.It turns out not many people are going to tell you. The list of refinements for Microsoft's free paper-anniversary update to Win 10 can fit on a small sheet with about a dozen bullet points.The changes boil down to features like making the digital pen more useful, new technology to detect hacking attacks and the ability to log into a computer with a wearable device instead of a password.As part of that effort, Nash, who used to work at Microsoft before leaving for Amazon and eventually HP, identified the most frustrating problems with computers and sought to fix them one by one.Among the changes, PCs start up faster these days, and battery life is getting better too.

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