Utorrent dht keeps updating

Posted by / 27-Jan-2015 12:44

torrent files from magnet uri import libtorrent as lt # libtorrent library import tempfile # for settings parameters while fetching metadata as temp dir import sys #getting arguiments from shell or exit script from time import sleep #sleep import shutil # removing directory tree from temp directory import # for getting pwd and other things from pprint import pprint # for debugging, showing object data import My SQLdb # DB connectivity import os from datetime import date, timedelta #create lock file to make sure only single instance is running lock_file_name = "/daemon.lock" if(isfile(lock_file_name)): sys.exit('another instance running') #else: #f = open(lock_file_name, "w") #f.close() session = lt.session() session.listen_on(6881, 6891) session.add_dht_router("router.utorrent.com", 6881) session.add_dht_router("router.bittorrent.com", 6881) session.add_dht_router("dht.transmissionbt.com", 6881) session.add_dht_router("router.bitcomet.com", 6881) session.add_dht_router("dht.aelitis.com", 6881) session.start_dht() alive = True while alive: db_conn = My SQLdb.connect( host = 'localhost', user = '', passwd = '', db = 'basesite', unix_socket='') # Open database connection #print('reconnecting') #get all records where enabled = 0 and uploaded within yesterday subset_count = 5 ; yesterday = date.today() - timedelta(1) yesterday = yesterday.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') #print(yesterday) total_count_query = ("SELECT COUNT(*) as total_count FROM content WHERE upload_date '" yesterday "' AND enabled = '0' ") #print(total_count_query) try: total_count_cursor = db_conn.cursor()# prepare a cursor object using cursor() method total_count_cursor.execute(total_count_query) # Execute the SQL command total_count_results = total_count_cursor.fetchone() # Fetch all the rows in a list of lists.

total_count = total_count_results[0] print(total_count) except: print "Error: unable to select data" total_pages = total_count/subset_count #print(total_pages) current_page = 1 while(current_page '" yesterday "' AND enabled = '0' ORDER BY record_num ASC LIMIT " str(from_count) " , " str(subset_count) " ") #print(get_mysql_data_query) try: get_mysql_data_cursor = db_conn.cursor()# prepare a cursor object using cursor() method get_mysql_data_cursor.execute(get_mysql_data_query) # Execute the SQL command get_mysql_data_results = get_mysql_data_cursor.fetchall() # Fetch all the rows in a list of lists.

So, maybe those would be two times DHT might be turned on, im not sure. If it was allowed in creation it makes little difference if you turn it off on your client.... So are you talking about the original torrent (created by the seeder) or the torrent created locally (by the recipients)?

Are the torrents I'm seeding now have to be removed & restarted (or something similar)?

I believe DHT is useful if a tracker goes down or something, or if a tracker is really slow.

So, maybe those would be two times DHT might be turned on, im not sure.

If you bypass the tracker, you will NOT get you stats updated on that site.

I would suggest turning off any option that has DHT enabled. I got freaked because I read that DHT made your 'passkey' not secure, in addition to allowing people to get the torrent from you that weren't part of the tracker you got it from.

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Some trackers use personalized torrents which are like passwords to use the their tracker. Anyhow, I think this answers all my questions about it. :slydevil: I looked closer at the u Torrent program, and it appears that each individual torrent can have DHT enabled or disabled.