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With the introduction of Windows XP, the C based software-only GDI subsystem was introduced to replace certain GDI functions.

GDI adds anti-aliased 2D graphics, textures, floating point coordinates, gradient shading, more complex path management, bicubic filtering, intrinsic support for modern graphics-file formats like JPEG and PNG, and support for composition of affine transformations in the 2D view pipeline. Use of these features is apparent in Windows XP's user interface (transparent desktop icon labels, drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop, shadows under menus, translucent blue selection rectangle in Windows Explorer, sliding task panes and taskbar buttons), and several of its applications such as Microsoft Paint, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, Photo Printing Wizard, My Pictures Slideshow screensaver, and their presence in the basic graphics layer greatly simplifies implementations of vector-graphics systems such as Flash or SVG.

One USB key allows one computer to run the software. If you want to use the software in a completely network-less environment, please contact us for instructions.

If you have made a donation for Media Coder and got a Media Coder ID, your donation can be credited to your purchase of Media Coder Premium.

For Internet licence, the licence is automatically obtained and validated via Internet on software startup and released on its shutdown.

You can always choose to upgrade from one licence to another any time.

A Internet licence will be be provided for temporary use before customer receiving the USB key.

If you need Media Coder Premium working in a complete network-less environment, you must purchase the USB key licence.

However, even with the USB key the software still requires Internet connection on program start-up.

If you can't do with that, once you have received the USB key, send us a code prompted by the program when it fails to connect to licence server on start-up and we will send you an special offline version.

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You are allowed to install the software with your licence at arbitary number of computers as the licence is not bound with hardware.