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Vt dating joomla 2 5

and often do not bother to file a report because the police agencies their spouses work for cover up for their fellow officers (see the horrific story of whistle blower Bob Mullally below).

No doubt many of the incidents listed below were only reported when the violence got so out of control that it was impossible for anyone to ignore- the assaults were committed in front of too many witnesses for the law enforcement agency to cover up any longer- or the years of violence culminated in a murder- suicide.

Patrick Coolican, opines that "(prostitutes) Apparently Mr.

Coolican is totally unaware that women married to cops are equally reluctant to turn in their abusive cop spouses as they live in fear of them (for good reason)...

The articles republished on this site are provided for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, review, and the reporting of current events relating to the subject of police corruption and abuse.

None of the material contained herein is for commercial use. The World Health Organization reported that 29% of all women are or will be victims of such violence.

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That means there are hundreds of millions of victims of violence at the hands of an intimate partner.