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Posted by / 20-Jun-2015 16:49

Wechat sex group

Jimmy added her as a friend on We Chat and they started chatting regularly.

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Nonetheless, financial services firm Barclays has estimated that billion of Tencent’s 0 billion market value is for We Chat — which translates into roughly per user.

By contrast, the billion that Facebook paid for Whats App works out to roughly per user.

Compared with We Chat, which had an estimated 313 million users by December, Whats App is "totally not as fun and user-friendly," wrote one poster on Weibo.

That’s probably not what Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to hear, if any fraction of the stiff price tag for Whats App and its roughly 450 million active users reflects hope that the app will help open up the Chinese market to the social networking giant.

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And We Chat does not have the default "last seen" tag on Whats App that makes it more difficult for some users to hide their online status. Whats App users may prefer the simplicity of their app — more complex is not always better.