Weekendmeets dating

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Weekendmeets dating

Anyway, I would love to see some of you bring your CRZ's out.We don't care if it's stock or modded like crazy as long as your interested in cars and like to hang out and have some fun every once in a while. I'd say overall we had about 60-70 cars come in and out which isn't bad for the first day of a recurring meet.I was at one time very seriously looking into getting a CRZ so I created this account to do all my research and interact with all you guys and gals.However due to plans for a kid and the CRZ only having two seats I had to go elsewhere.

The meet started in the lot that was designated for it.Please contact Simon Jacyna to book a place on this meet.The “Warriors of the Water” competed in two meets this weekend with spectacular results.Here's the link to Modmeets so ya'll can check out the site. So we started this meet back up yesterday and I have to say I think the meet started out pretty good!This is also where we will post the pictures of the meets when we have shoots. I've been organizing it since last year and it actually started as a subaru meet, but it's turned into a very diverse meet.

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