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She lifts Jamie from to her feet by her wrists and again sends a swat to her defenseless rear-end.

Jamie-Lynn was so happy when she found out she would be left in her sister’s custody, she thought her life would be great…wrong she was.” ———————————————————————————————————— It all began in the summer of 2004, things for the Spears girls seemed to really be picking up, Jamie-Lynn Spears was the newest cast-member of Nickelodeon’s All That and Britney was set to go on her Onyx Hotel Tour, and unknown to everyone, she was dating he background dance Jose and was soon to marry him, both girls were on cloud nine, until on fateful night; It was a “Mississippi sized” rain storm, the roads flooded, and the newly remarried James and Lynne Spears are traveling down I-95, unable to see anything within a foot in font of them, when suddenly…Cadillac Escalade collides with a semi-truck, the car bursting into flames, the only survivor of the horrible scene was the license plate on the truck!!!

If you don’t keep quiet, I’m taking you outside for a spanking!!

” The look of fear on Jamie-Lynn’s face was enough for Britney to go back to getting dressed.

Jamie-Lynn could do nothing more than breathe without the permission of her sister or “mommy”, as Britney insisted she be called.

Punishments followed even the smallest disobedience, from being forced to dress as a child of two, to bare-bottomed spankings, Britney made sure that the punishment never “fit the crime”.

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From now on, you will only be referred to as bitch and the only time you’ll be masturbating is when I’m doing it for you!! She looks up in horror, as she sees a large florescent strap-on dildo attached to her older sister.

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