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After independence, it became the capital of the Madras state, and when the states were reorganized on a linguistic basis, it became the capital of Tamil Nadu.Chennai boasts of many well known people including Elihu Yale, whose liberal gift funded the construction of Yale University in 1718; Indira Nooyi CEO of Pepsi International; A. Rahman, the musical genius of "Slumdog Millionaire", Manirathnam the ace film Director, Vijay Armirthraj, Ramesh Krishnan and his father Ramanathan Krishnanm tennis stars and World chess champion Vishwanathan Anand among many others.The food is a unique blend of traditional, to fast foods and filter kaapi. The architecture ranges from ancient temples to modern high-rises.Music is classical and western, to the growing nightlife in the city.

The origin of the name is from Muthuraja Chennappa Nayakudu as Chennapatnam.George Town then developed becoming the modern city of Madras, absorbing several nearby boroughs.Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, is associated with Chennai. In 1996, the Tamilnadu government renamed Madras to Chennai providing the reason that 'Chennai' was the city's traditional name while Madras was one derived during colonial rule.Chennappa served under Sriranga Deva Raya assisting him against the Golkonda forces of Ibrahim Qutb Shah in several battles,notably in 1576 when Penukonda was captured by Ali Adil Shah and in 1579 when he captured the Golkonda Commander Murari Rao.In 1580, Ibrahim Qutb Shah of Golkonda invaded Kondavidu. George fort in the present day Chennai, for which the permission was granted by Damarla Venkatadri Nayakudu,the local palegar of that area ,under the condition that area is to be named in the honour of his father Muthuraja chennapa nayakudu as muthuraja chennapatanam.

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