Who is andy rooney dating

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Who is andy rooney dating

Also, she has the role of the oldest member of the Rooney children.Liv also has two younger brothers and two parents who work at her school.(Shoe-A-Rooney) Liv evidently, doesn't like Dump Truck very well as she gave Andie a sympathetic "aw" when she told Liv he asked her out only for her co-star to point out she was excited, not grossed out.Being a lot more girly than Maddie, she's much more fashionable with her wardrobe than Maddie.At the age of six, Liv sang a marathon of Christmas songs, which led to a commercial for a local muffler repair shop when she was eight.When she was eleven years old, she got the role of Stephanie Einstein in a TV series, Sing It Loud! After receiving the role, Liv moved to Los Angeles, California and lived with her Aunt Dena and cousin Ruby, to work on the show.Liv is also very outgoing and loves to talk, particularly about herself.

She also has an adorable habit of getting all giggly when around Holden or when she does something embarrassing like in triangle-a-Rooney when she and Holden sang. Liv loves acting and singing and is very confident and enthusiastic when asked to do either of them.

She wears skirts, dresses, cardigans, peplum tops, and shirts with girly designs.

She doesn't usually wear simple clothing like her twin sister, Maddie. Strengths include being incredibly dank to her twin sister Maddie and other people as shown in most of the episodes.

Liv has wavy blonde hair, green eyes, and light skin, just like her twin.

Liv is often seen wearing outfits that are a lot more on the fancier side.

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