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The gruesome twosome in question consists of Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. And, internet famously, 31-year-old Vanity likes ‘em young. Vanity was accused of statutory raping an underage girl in 2009, and although he was arrested, no charges were filed against him. There’s a lengthy Tumblr blog dedicated to collecting accusations against Vanity.

They both alternate around screaming, singing and spoken word duties, while sometimes engage in duets of all of the above at the same time. But, for some reason, his fan base of tweens hails him as some kind of crusader against bullying (he even went as far as comparing himself to Jesus Christ in the heat of the accusations.) While you can sing/scream/mumble about anti-bullying as much as you want, Bot DF will never recover from lyrics such as “My cum’s so chunky, it’s like an Oreo Mc Flurry” and “Bitches love my cock like Slash loves rock.” After pouring a cup of water on a fan, which I assumed smeared her/his meticulously drawn on darker-than-my-soul kohl eyeline, Vanity said, “I love you.” But things went sour when Monroe uttered “gay.” The cherry on top of this moment was when Vanity yelled “anal” on the top of his lungs, to the adoring laughter of the pre-teen audience.

(If you typed in lowercase a flurry of users scolded: "CAPS OR GET BANNED.") This is where most of the detailed planning would occur, with users frequently posting to the main /b/ board for reinforcements.

More than 12 hours later, they're still waging it. This week, 4Chan's /b/ board launched an Internet gang-up on an 11-year-old girl, Jessi Slaughter, who had been the target of dubious Internet rumors about an underage sex scandal.

Flash-forward to present day, where the scene boom of the mid to late ‘00s is dying off, maybe because the hairspray fume high’s worn off, or perhaps we all came to our senses.

Granted, America still has murderers of music (fuck, just turn on the top 20 radio station) but at least millennials know better than to worship an infamous crunkcore duo.

They posted her real name, phone number, address and social networking information and spearheaded a campaign of Internet and real-life harassment. /b/'s denizens have turned their ire now on 25 year-old Dahvie Vanity, the other half of that very likely made-up scandal.

Vanity is the lead singer of the terrible electro-pop My Space band Time's most influential person./b/'s campaign against Dahvie Vanity—dubbed "Operation: The Consequences"—is a good case study in how these often impressive, sometimes awful feats are pulled off.

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Since users had found Dahvie Vanity's real name, date of birth and home state, the only thing they needed to reset the password on one of his email accounts (which one was unclear) was the answer to his security question: Name of first pet. Answers, hoping some deeply obsessed fangirl would know the name of Vanity's first cat.

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