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Who is diane keaton dating

She played eccentric characters in several Allen films including Sleeper, Love and Death, Interiors, Manhattan and, of course, Annie Hall.The character of Annie Hall – complete with kooky mannerisms and self-deprecating sense of humour – was based on Keaton herself.Unlike the other immaculately turned-out actresses in flowing dresses, Keaton had thrown together an outfit of two skirts layered on top of a pair of trousers, a white shirt, a black string tie, a scarf and her sister Robin’s socks.Although always pretty, Keaton was never a classic beauty. But I did really try my best to get as much attention as I could to make up for it.’ Today her choice of clothes is still eclectic. True, they don’t exactly match…’ Her fingers are weighed down with knuckleduster rings and in each ear she has three studs. ‘I dress myself,’ she adds, meaning that, unlike many Hollywood stars, she does not have a stylist. Before the words are out of my mouth, Keaton interrupts: ‘Nothing.'I can imagine a companion, someone who says, “Good to see you, what’s going on? Although she came to terms with never marrying, she could never give up on having children. 'You have less time and you have to think about that.” But, then, if it’s a man, are you supposed to have a relationship? So at the age of 50 she adopted a baby girl, Dexter (now 17), and a few years later a boy, Duke (now 12). You want to be around for their twenties because that’s a tough time.’ Keaton is the first to describe herself as something of an oddball: ‘I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist.Winning the Oscar for Annie Hall was overwhelming: ‘I was like a deer in headlights – like Jennifer Lawrence when she fell down [as she went up the steps to receive her Oscar]. I didn’t know what to make of it.’ She describes Woody as ‘a huge mentor’ in her life.‘He really taught me the work ethic, I applied his principles because I saw how he lived.

I can’t imagine marrying now, that’s not happening.

Our relationship was absolutely wonderful in some ways, but is he the love of my life? Woody was my twenties, Warren was my thirties and Al was borderline: late thirties/early forties.’ She adds a little wistfully: ‘I never see Al now.’ She still sees Beatty occasionally.

'No, not really, because he wasn’t the love “of my life”… ‘He was honoured recently [Beatty received the AFI Life Achievement award in 2008, at which Keaton made a speech] and I spoke about him.

She says that much as she adores them, the situation is far from ideal. I do think it’s important to have a male presence, a father who loves those children. I do things that are a little bit off the beaten track.’ Even her dress sense displays that.

When she received the Oscar for Best Actress 35 years ago, critics said she looked like a ‘bag lady’.

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