Who is katrina darrell dating

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Who is katrina darrell dating

Your television is a world inhabited by great looking people.

There’s Shane (played by Odette Annable) who was Nick’s boss when they hooked up a few times.

So we have Nick Miller who is so broke that his friends take turns leaving a little money in his pants pockets so he can get by, dating a lawyer that looks like this: Successful lawyers love dating broke dudes, that’s a saying right?

In that same season we find out Nick is dating a string of college women, one of which is played by Katrina Bowden (Frank from 30 Rock would be crushed). Bu that's odd, because you wouldn’t expect someone who eats candy off the ground in a parking garage to be so judgmental.

And here’s what Shane (Odette) looked like: There’s Amelia (Maria Thayer), who apparently was looking for a guy who just loses full glasses of milk in his room and finds them weeks later.

What a catch for that young lady who certainly appears could do no better!

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These are the types of fatal flaws that in real life would send women running and would force a Nick Miller-type to dramatically lower their standards. Through five seasons of New Girl, broke, unhygienic, sarcastic, grumpy Nick Miller has dated characters played by some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and in some cases the planet.