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Who is sufjan stevens dating

Although it may sound like Leo’s music would be too heavy for the average music fan to follow, he underpins his witty and incisive words with some of the most unique guitar playing in alternative rock and a big dose of melody.It will surely be a sight to see when Leo and the Pharmacists make their headlining appearance at the Pop Explosion before an audience that most likely will appreciate the band’s social views as much as its energetic music.Many know Leo for his openly political lyrics and appearances at protests, including a performance at the recent Operation Ceasefire protest at the Washington Monument that drew over 300,000 people on September 24.

The Washington, DC-based musician and his Pharmacists deal in vibrant indie rock that mixes punk, folk and hardcore with protest lyrics.“I’m just here to provide the entertainment.” —Carsten Knox If life were a carnival, Hawksley Workman would be the ringmaster.Known widely for his eccentric on-stage persona, this singer-songwriter tames his inner lions by creating eclectic pop tunes.Because we’re not so metal we were a little worried.” Turns out the band had a blast, and the tour was great, especially the final stop. The album is just going to naturally build as we tour,” says Heppner.“We’ll carve it out and play, play, play.” —Carsten Knox The World Provider’s not-so-hidden agenda is crystal clear when he’s told there’s a healthy roots rock scene in Halifax: “Tell them I’m going to plant some new roots.” The World Provider is the nom d’etage of Malcolm Fraser, a 31-year-old Montrealer and former cronie of art-rock performers Peaches, Feist and Chilly Gonzales.

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Fraser shares with his old buddies a distaste for the self-effacing indie-rock vibe, the anti-performance aesthetic. It’s a classic WP solo show, tried and true, road-tested song and dance act.