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Nicole Buergers and Brenden Macaluso struck up a conversation about hipster eyewear over cheap eats at a Houston hangout one Sunday afternoon and Macaluso recalls the evening ending this way: Nicole: "So how do we do this?

Enter Caroline Cooke, the club worker who took possession of said couch.

"I wasn't looking for love," said Murphy of their unlikely meeting in late 2008. We've been together ever since."Has virtual life and the promise of dating algorithms left some singles closed off to such on-the-ground happenstance?

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The relationship soured about three years later and he returned from a weekend away to find she had disappeared all his stuff.

Even better, Macaluso realized before pursuing Buergers further that the two attended the same large suburban high school and had been in a couple of English classes together."Like many young people in the 21st century I had taken a stab at Internet dating," said Macaluso, an industrial designer who also restores vintage motorcycles. My experiences had always resulted in awkward dates."That, he said, left a simple formula for finding love: meeting in person, and "when you least expect it, not when you're trying to."Mechanized dating remains a huge business worth a billion or more worldwide, but several others like Macaluso in living-online generations said they, too, found their happiness the old-fashioned way.

In other facets of life they remain avid users of digital tools and social networks, which is where the AP caught up with them, including Patrick Murphy in Medway, Mass., southwest of Boston.

"Brenden: "You give me your number, I call you and we go out and have fun."Yep, random love is alive and well in Houston.

In this age of online dating, virtual flirting, and location-based hookup by app, these two are firm believers in three-dimensional serendipity nearly a year after their first encounter.

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