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Www datingseniormen com

British actor David Niven (1909 - 1983) stars with Olivia De Havilland and Douglas Walton in the Samuel Goldwyn film 'Raffles', based on the novel 'Raffles The Amateur Cracksman' by E W Hornung and directed by Sam Wood The pair starred together in Michael Curtiz's Captain Blood, They Died With Their Boots On, The Adventures Of Robin Hood and The Charge Of The Light Brigade, with De Havilland often playing the archetypal damsel in distress to Flynn's swashbuckling hero.She is perhaps best known, however, for her role in Gone With the Wind (1939), in which she portrayed the sweet and prim Melanie Wilkes, holding her own in the presence of Scarlett O'Hara.According to USA Today, “a catchphrase like “We Put the Fun in Funeral” is hard to live up to, but Williams Lombardo Funeral Home in Clifton Heights, PA does so with verve and reverence, excited to throw someone the party of their afterlife — no matter the theme.” Only 13 percent of adults surveyed by the National Funeral Directors Association said they’d want a traditional funeral service.About 62 percent said they’d like to customize the event.This could bring a new twist to what goes on around the deathbed.Instead of the hackneyed blubberings of red rim-eyed family, declaring that they would see the deceased eventually in heaven, now the soon-to-be-mourners can ask the soon-to-be-departed what their plans are.“We’re willing to go as far as they want to go,” says George Polgar, marketing representative of Williams Lombardo.“As far as they want to go” includes displaying meaningful objects from someone’s life, like golf shoes or a horse. The funeral home can also conduct “fantasy funerals,” on-site locations that are either meaningful to the deceased or places that the deceased always wanted to go, but never quite made it.

It was the launchpad for an illustrious career in Hollywood that spawned a legendary and prolific onscreen pairing with Errol Flynn.

Speaking of the victory, she said: "One of the nice things I thought was, If I do win, other actors feeling frustration such as I feel will not have to endure that.

They will take the suspension, going without pay of course, but knowing they will not have to serve that time again."It was after breaking from Warner Bros that De Havilland went on to Oscar glory.

Born in Tokyo in 1916 to British parents, her family moved to California while she was still a child.

De Havilland demonstrated a flair for drama early on, appearing as Puck in the Saratoga Community Theatre production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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In recognition of her contribution to cinema, she was presented the National Medals of Arts by President George Bush in 2008.

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