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I think sometimes people get embarrassed of what they have done, so they want to say, “Oh, they scripted it, or told me to do this or that,” but I felt it was very hands off unless you needed help.

You would totally win.”Two of my female friends sent in letters to the show.I have since the show not drank alcohol, if you can believe it. The show really kind of turned me upside-down because my reputation is most of my life—I’m in entertainment, I mentor kids, and I came off like the complete opposite of the role model that I am back home.I’ve dabbled in a glass of red wine here and maybe a beverage there, but I’ve just kind of stopped drinking. When I got back home, I had to call a lot of my loved ones and apologize. The show moves on, but I’m still with this memory forever. But overall, I’ve got great friends, a great family.” I was like, “Oh, no, I don’t think it’s because I’m black at all.” I mean, we’ve all seen my exit. And when you fight with the guest of honor, on national television, and you’re piss drunk, you should get sent home.[Before a conversation with Kaitlyn Bristowe, Kupah told the camera, “I don’t want to be here any longer than I have to be if I’m the minority guy that fills a quota.” He asked her whether she felt a connection with him, explaining, “I don’t want to be here because I look good on the roster of men that you still keep around.” After she overheard him discussing their exchange with the other men, she asked him to leave the house. My drunkenness allowed me to not care about public opinion.Kupah became increasingly upset during his exit interview.]Is there alcohol readily available, pretty much 24 hours a day? But there’s also a kitchen that’s readily available as well. I got lost in the moment and just forgot there were cameras everywhere, and started saying a bunch of stuff that—I’m not saying I’d take any of it back. Maybe [I wasn’t there] just to fill a quota, but at the time, it felt like that. Even if I was going to go home, I ended up looking like the angry black person, which of course, why would I ever make it far on a show if I act like that? I’m not going to say they just make you look bad, but they give you the free range to show many sides of your personality.

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I felt that I was portrayed in the show exactly the way I am.

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