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This product due to simplicity of use can be untilized in wide range of applications in packing of medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for body, eyes or skin...

On the occasion of Luxe Pack New York, Cosmogen introduced a new generation of Attract One, its applicator combining a magnet and a metal ball applicator.The Commission adopted today a European Defence Action Plan with concrete measures to support a strong and innovative European defence industry and defence capability priorities agreed by Member States.Our new ONE by ONE Pill Dipsenser is an innovative system that allows to dispense pills one by one from the tablet container without touching any other pill except the one we take out.The Gerresheimer Group’s subsidiaries, Triveni and Neutral Glass, provide it with an excellent positioning in the Indian market. Weener Plastics (WP) designs, develops and manufactures plastic packaging components – caps, closures, roll-on balls, bottles and jars – for personal care, food and home care applications.WP Netherlands, with factories in Tilburg and Ede, produces and assembles...

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Our system ONE by ONE Pill Dipsenser can be adapted for all existing... showcased two new moisture and gas-scavenging solutions at Pharma Expo intended to ease use for both pharmaceutical packagers and consumers/patients.

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