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I am aware that this change of heart is a time-honored cliché, but I am powerless to resist these feelings no matter how hackneyed they seem.

But it's also the owner of Princeton Review, the popular test prep and tutoring service, after acquiring the company last year.For those wondering, Match Group explained it a bit in its S1, which was filed Friday as it gears up to go public soon.Here's what it said: We acquired this business because it relies on many of the same competencies as our dating business, such as paid customer acquisition, a combination of free and paid features, deep understanding of the lifetime values of customers, and strong expertise in user interface development.The acquisition was done under Tutor.com, another educational site owned by Match Group.If you haven't been following Match Group too closely, you'd probably be asking why a company dedicated to dating services would want to also run an educational service.

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Then I’d smile and tell him that I expect my daughter home by, oh, I dunno, maybe 8? But still, I suppose this lengthy prelude speaks to the anxiety that parents are feeling as they try to make sense of a world where dating is increasingly not a “thing people do.” Here are some ideas to play with.