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There are hundreds, if not thousands of ideas for home-based businesses.Two of the top 10 businesses are in this area -- catering and working as a virtual assistant.A second top online business is to make crafts or import products and then sell them on your own website or a site such as etsy.If you are knowledgeable or expert in a particular field, a third top business is blogging.The growth of this field has even prompted the University of Southern California to offer master's degree in aging-services management.

You can cook in other people's homes, or make dishes to order.

Niche areas include virtual dating assistants or acting as an assistant to virtual assistants.

According to "Entrepreneur" magazine's Franchise 500 survey, two of the top 10 franchises are cleaning services.

Another top business is retirement real estate -- selling real estate specifically to retired people.

This includes real estate in temperate areas, as well as in retirement communities and resort areas -- anywhere retired people might like to live.

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