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In my “why” zone I set out to investigate and research to see if there were some reasonable answers to this continuing question.I hope you readers will comment on this and offer your thoughts too. First I googled “Successful jewelry stores on Etsy” and came up with some helpful and basic information from several that all said much the same. Have a range of prices to offer to a range of buyers. Post feedback about your products on your store; it gives credibility. Continually open your mind to tips and ideas that you may not be using. The Super-Successful Etsy Stores Then I dug into the successful Etsy stores which equate to 3000 sales or more, ya I know, in my dreams, but it is in black and white.I just wish for a few sales to help me to believe that i am not wasting all my time, huge amounts of money and all my energy – although, i cant imagine doing anything else – i love creating a new piece everyday, working with the tools – and being surrounded by such beautiful bits n bobs…but thank you for this website – a constant source of inspiration and a land of ideas.I have always strived to learn something new everyday and get better at what I do best. My best to all \o/ Rita Juhlin Home Based Jeweler’s Showcase Private Stock Jewelry blog Thank you Rita!by: Rena I really appreciate your sharing your great research. I do sell on Etsy as well as my website but not as much as I would like to.“When ‘Why’ becomes the ‘What'” means get pro-active, or do what you have to do and then be sure you DO IT!I’ve been successful in my life as well as fortunate in many ways and I’m not talking about money, but I’ve always worked smart and I’ve never ever given up.

So that is my current strategy – after todays uploads i’ll be at 44 – so still a long way to go….

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What does it take to make 3000 sales (or more) on Etsy? ” Let us forget that there are a bazillion sites selling jewelry and forget that the economy is in a twitter.

One question keeps coming up here in Rena’s website is “why isn’t my jewelry selling?

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