Токены Open Trading Network

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Open Trading Network Tokens and OTN Coins

Open Trading Network will use OTN coin as an internal currency, and all collateral logic and exchange transactions will depend on it. OTN will build own custom blockchain with OTN coin as it’s vital part.

Coincodex Open Trading Network Price Index, Historical Chart and Market Cap

The OTN token* has demonstrated steady growth for many days in a row. Traded at $1.92 on October 25 th , the token is now priced at above $14.01, a stunning 630% increase. Most cryptocurrencies take months (if not years) to return suchlike results. The OTN token, being an essential part of the Open Trading Network and supported by IQ Option, has a chance of hitting it big much earlier.

The OTN price action demonstrates steady positive trend

The OTN is destined to reshape the cryptocurrency industry forever by connecting separate blockchains into a single network and introducing services for ordinary users, traders and businesses. The token price is tightly connected to the popularity of the Open Trading Network. The more people use it, the more expensive it gets.

Intensive buying pressure can be expected to fuel the growth even further

The token is already traded on livecoin.net and cryptopia.co.nz. Those looking for short-term gains may want to take a look at the article on OTN arbitrage opportunities. The price action, market cap and trading volume of the OTN token can be traced at coinmarketcap.com.

While blockchain is under development, OTN will release tokens of the Ethereum ERC20 standard, which later can be exchanged to OTN coins with one to one ratio.

What is OTN?

Open Trading Network (OTN) is a global cross-chain trading ecosystem which is aimed to give every market participant a range of products to obtain maximum blockchain guarantees and, at the same time, offers full range of comfort instruments at their disposal. OTN is made to integrate all market makers and asset holders through efficient tokenization. OTN is created to provide easy-to-use products for mass-market and interfaces for regulators. OTN is built to be open and unite everyone in a single trading space. In other words, we aim to create an accessible global cross-chain market where everyone is connected and empowered.

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    1 место в рейтинге! Лучший брокер судя по отзывам трейдеров! Идеален для новичков и средне-опытных трейдеров. Заберите бонусы за регистрацию счета:

Our path is different. We aim to build a product-first solution. This means every step of our roadmap is made for people to try and use immediately. This is possible as we have partnerships with strong market players and already have enough financial support to handle development and marketing.

What is OTN token?

Open Trading Network will use OTN coin as base internal currency, and all collateral logic and exchange transactions will depend on it. This currency will be implemented as part of our custom blockchain. During our advancement to OTN future, we plan to continuously release new products for clients connected to parts of OTN platform as we build them. And that’s why we launch Ethereum ERC20 token – OTN token – which will be used as substitution for OTN coin while blockchain is under development (there will be one to one conversion at the moment of launch). OTN token can be used with available products right away – from the 9th of October IQ Option broker will accept OTN tokens to pay for commission on crypto instruments trading.

The total supply of OTN tokens is fixed. We want to efficiently tokenize all assets inside the trading ecosystem, but also to make it simple and accessible to all market participants by developing additional tools for it.

To speed up the evolution of the network we want to distribute OTN tokens to crypto traders and professional participants who will become active users of the network we are creating.

There will be 100,000,000 OTN tokens released in total, starting October 9, 2020, and users of the IQ Option platform will be among the first to receive them for crypto trading.

Emission plan:

42,000,000 OTN tokens during the following 24 months will go to:

  • 21,000,000 to IQ Option traders as a reward for trading Crypto assets;
  • 5,000,000 to OTN wallet users to attract more crypto traders to the OTN ecosystem;
  • 16,000,000 to OTN token holders, as a reward for holding OTN tokens in order to boost capitalization;

28,000,000 OTN tokens to shareholders and IQ Option team.

30,000,000 OTN tokens remain with the OTN foundation for future distributions and strategic partner engagement.

Token distribution among crypto traders and professional market participants will boost network liquidity and allow OTN project to further evolve the crypto world.

Sign up for important OTN updates https://otn.org

Register on IQ Option HERE.

*IQ Option is a brokerage company and does not provide OTN tokens to clients. All tokens are provided by the OTN foundation. The OTN foundation confirms that it does not sell OTN tokens and that the activity is non- commercial.

OTN: Better than ICO

While financial professionals and traders discuss the volatility of the crypto market, there is another issue everyone seems to ignore. And the problem is the ICO bubble.

All around the world ICO startups, both real and fraudulent, attract multimillion investments with no need to demonstrate the real product prototype, using their white papers as the only proof of ‘unlimited profit potential’. Many ICOs are only motivated by the future profit of their founders and there are no legal guarantees that the funds raised in the crowdfunding will be invested into the project development.

To demonstrate the full transparency of the project, OTN decided to skip the ICO process and fund the product development with the funds belonging to the project and its partner, IQ Option broker .

  • OTN is integrated into the existing IQ Option trading platform with 20 000 000 user base;
  • A team of 550+ professionals with 43% of them being developers is already working on the successful trading platform and will join forces with OTN to evolve the crypto world;
  • Development of the OTN project is sponsored by IQ Option;
  • OTN is a solution for the existing issues of the crypto world. We need no public funding to prove that we are the real thing

What do you think of ICOs, are they a bubble to burst any soon?

Токены Open Trading Network

Open Trading Network token

Open Trading Network (OTN) – the first platform that offers cross-chain technology to unite all blockchain networks and market participants, and ensure their best interests.

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Open Trading Network (OTN)

Децентрализованная крипто-биржа (DEX) на технологии cross-chain.

Проект запущен в октябре 2020 года, ICO не проводилось — токены распределялись посредством airdrop’a. Развитие проекта ведется под руководством IQ Option — известной платформы бинарных опционов. Возглавляет проект Дмитрий Кутузов. Цель проекта — объединение обособленных блочных цепей в единую открытую сеть, которая будет выступать базисом для разработки ряда продуктов.

Функционал и особенности

В основе экосистемы проекта лежит технология cross-chain, которая позволяет безопасно интегрировать сторонние блокчейны в одну сеть, упрощая процесс межблочного взаимодействия.

Токены OTN играют роль платежного средства. Они функционируют на блокчейне Эфира, но планируется переход на собственную цепь блоков, после чего название OTN сменится на OTN Coins.

Токены OTN нужны для:

  • оплаты дополнительных сервисов платформы;
  • совершения peer-to-peer платежей между участниками;
  • вознаграждения держателей нод.

На базе платформы OTN создан ряд сервисов:

  • OTN.Wallet;
  • OTN.Exchange;
  • OTN.Business;
  • OTN.Depositary;
  • OTN.Explorer.


  • безопасное хранение токенов ERC20 и других криптовалют;
  • мгновенный обмен активами между разными цепями блоков;
  • круглосуточный трейдинг с децентрализованной системой проверки сделок;
  • возможность совершения сделок с фиатными валютами.


Децентрализованная криптовалютная биржа.

  • высокая скорость размещения и обработки ордеров;
  • прозрачность транзакций;
  • высокий уровень ликвидности.


Платформа, ориентированная на B2B-сегмент, которая упрощает процесс работы с криптовалютами.

  • создание токенов с мгновенным листингом;
  • создание токенизированных карт лояльности;
  • кастомизируемая система приема платежей;
  • функция токенизации услуг;
  • возможность создания CEX (централизованной биржи).


Депозитарий, на счетах которого хранятся оцифрованные активы и криптовалюты.


Упрощает процесс идентификации пользователей регуляторами, позволяет получить данные транзакций напрямую из блокчейна.


  • Bitshares —DEX, функционал которой позволяет создавать собственные биржи;
  • OmiseGO — DEX, ориентированная на рынок мобильных устройств;
  • Waves — блокчейн-платформа для выпуска токенов, в основе которой лежит собственная гибридная DEX.

Майнинг и хранение

Токены OTN основаны на алгоритме ERC20, его нельзя майнить. Варианты хранения токенов OTN:

Получить бонусы за открытие бинарного счета:
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